Why Engage Jim as Your Arbitrator or Mediator?

Jim Reiman - Reiman ADRWhy me?  Because my background and experiences are a bit different, hence I possess skills and see opportunities and relationships that those who have tread a traditional path often do not.

Most commercial mediators and arbitrators are highly experienced lawyers who have spent the majority of their professional lives in law firms or corporate counsel positions. I am unusual if not unique in the ADR community in that while I’ve spent nearly two decades in the private practice of law, I’ve also built and run domestic and international public and private companies.

I’m not only a veteran of a commercial law practice (domestic and international), I’m also a businessperson having served as the CEO of public and private companies, chairman of the board of directors of a public company, and built and run businesses in China, the US and Canada.   I speak business AND law. I’ve also great experience managing executive teams and running tight meetings where differing views were energetically shared, hence I’m able to effectively manage the mediation and arbitration process and hearings.

When acting as a mediator, I often see solutions that those who are just lawyers or just businesspeople do not.  When acting as an arbitrator, I’m able to better grasp and understand the business and legal issues that underlay a commercial dispute, hence I am able to more quickly and accurately focus on the key facts, ask the correct questions, and apply the applicable law.

Additionally, I’ve strong international experience having built and run a company in China that I took public on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market.  Thus I’m sensitive to, and understand, cultural differences that yield differing business practices and customs, and sometimes conflict.