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Jim Reiman - Reiman ADRJim Reiman is a mediator and arbitrator who has tried commercial cases, had a sophisticated commercial transactions practice, run a public company as CEO, and served as chairman of the board of directors of a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market. Jim currently serves as a mediator and arbitrator for commercial disputes, and also coaches senior executives and attorneys in the skills and art of domestic and international negotiation as part of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. He understands both the business issues underlying commercial disputes as a businessman and the legal issues as an attorney who practiced law for 18 years. He also understands client issues as a corporate consumer of legal services having hired and managed lawyers in his role as a CEO and board director.

Jim served as lead or billing attorney in private practice negotiating and documenting complex business transactions (both domestic and international), complex financings, real estate development and construction projects, trade and intellectual property disputes, unfair competition, private equity financings, strategic partnerships, corporate restructurings, and mergers/acquisitions, as well as exit strategies, generational transfers, and partnership dissolutions of smaller businesses.

Jim also possesses a solid understanding of patent rights – he holds 19 domestic and foreign issued patents on aerodynamic enhancement devices of which he is the co-inventor.

As a mediator, Jim strives to bring the parties to “yes” by ferreting out the issues at the heart of a dispute and finding acceptable solutions to those matters as well as the issues that are the subject of the noise.  Jim Reiman’s dual careers as an attorney and as a businessperson provide him with insights and experiences that he taps to identify the core issues and bring the parties to “yes.”

As an arbitrator, Jim strives to understand the issues underpinning the dispute so that he may apply the law and the terms of the parties’ agreement correctly.  He also manages the pre-hearing process, balancing cost, time, and fairness.  Such requires a breadth of experiences and a sensitivity to the needs of the parties and the nuances of the issues at the core of the dispute.  It also requires the intestinal fortitude to be decisive.  Jim Reiman’s demonstrated success in business in China, the UK, Canada and the US, and his success as a business transactions attorney evidence his possession of these qualities.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellow

Chartered Institute
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Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellow

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Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellow
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellow

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